New LGBTQ+ Pool Parties Coming to Vegas
LGBTQ+ Vegas Pool Parties
LGBTQ+ Vegas Pool Parties

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Newly released marketing material reveals plans for new LGBTQ+ pool parties coming to Las Vegas.

The Freedom Pool Party LGBTQ+ Las Vegas Takeover describes itself as an inclusive pool party as diverse as you.

Freedom is working with various partners to bring Las Vegas experiences that give LGBTQ+ community members a place to see themselves and be themselves at the Las Vegas pools.
They intend to bring on the FUN while including universal equality, love, and body positivity.

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Freedom is advertising their pool parties to the entire LGBTQ+ community responsibly by including a diversity of genders, body types, and ages representative of all the letters in the LGBTQ+ initialism.

With a primary focus on the future, the pool parties recognize that the LGBTQ+ community does not fit into a small box and want to make sure these events include everyone.

Freedom pool parties emphasize it is for all LGBTQ+ people and allies.

Additional details will become available as it is released.

Email to reach Freedom Pool Parties and be sure to check out their back cover advertisement.